Team Testimonial

Hi Tyrone,

Hope everything is good. Not sure if you remember me from a single season over 10 years ago with Crowfoot (U-13 with Scotty). I’ve been meaning to write to you for the last little while to say thanks for the important lessons I learned while I was on your team. The habits you instilled in me of the rewards of hard work and “practice makes perfect” have really made a difference in every aspect of my life. These lessons have definitely helped me follow my dreams so far in academia – I finished as the top student in engineering at the University of Waterloo as an undergrad, and I am currently doing my PhD at Harvard and MIT, aiming to be a top cancer researcher. I seriously consider that season with you as my coach as a major turning point in my life so just wanted to quickly write a note to say thanks. Hope to run into you sometime when I’m back in Calgary visiting! Thanks again.

          Sandeep, Former Student