Residential Testimonial

Dear Coach Scott,

Thank you for teaching us!  Thoughts from very smart (and talented )6 year olds!

I liked that you taught me how to shoot and pass: Jadden
Crab soccer was my favorite: Neala
Pirates was fun: Sasha
Soccer was new for me and I liked it! : Rowan
I am really good! I liked jumping over fire: Harmony
The last day was the best! Andrew
I learned how to dribble : Roshni
Soccer is the best!
I thought Coach Scott was very patient. He is excellent with young children. He was always prepared and organized.: Mrs. McLean
When Coach Scott told us to be quiet we suddenly stopped and listened to him . Thank you Coach scott.
I loved playing crab soccer it was one of my favorite things we did.: Miranda
I hadn’t know lots about soccer. Thank you for teaching me new things. Samantha
I had fun: Garrett
Thanks for teaching me tricky things: Kaylee
Thank you for teaching us: Youssef
I loved playing the game: Maryam
I loved at the end of soccer we were playing like in a real game. : Asha
Katie Thank you , you were funny.
Thank you it was hard: Alisha
I am going to be the best soccer player in the world: Ronan

Thank you Coach Scott and Pass Soccer for a FANTASIC week!
          From Students in Grade One Room 3