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Calgary, AB – Calgary Northside Soccer Club (“CNS”) and Premier Academy of Soccer Skills Ltd (“PASS”) announce a soccer collaboration to provide quality service delivery to the soccer community in the Northwest of Calgary. CNS is a leading Club in the Northwest of Calgary including competing at provincial championships and also representing Alberta at the National Level. PASS is the official Community Provider for the communities of Citadel and Hamptons.  The collaboration will have a clear goal to provide greater resources and an improved overall experience for players.

CNS is very pleased to have this collaboration that provides a larger player pool so kids can play at the right level, as well as allowing the more competitive player to achieve their potential.  CNS will always remain focused on a fun based, developmental grassroots soccer program in the community and serving the community needs.”

Dear Coach Scott,

Thank you for teaching us!  Thoughts from very smart (and talented )6 year olds!

I liked that you taught me how to shoot and pass: Jadden
Crab soccer was my favorite: Neala
Pirates was fun: Sasha
Soccer was new for me and I liked it! : Rowan
I am really good! I liked jumping over fire: Harmony
The last day was the best! Andrew
I learned how to dribble : Roshni
Soccer is the best!
I thought Coach Scott was very patient. He is excellent with young children. He was always prepared and organized.: Mrs. McLean
When Coach Scott told us to be quiet we suddenly stopped and listened to him . Thank you Coach scott.
I loved playing crab soccer it was one of my favorite things we did.: Miranda
I hadn’t know lots about soccer. Thank you for teaching me new things. Samantha
I had fun: Garrett
Thanks for teaching me tricky things: Kaylee
Thank you for teaching us: Youssef
I loved playing the game: Maryam
I loved at the end of soccer we were playing like in a real game. : Asha
Katie Thank you , you were funny.
Thank you it was hard: Alisha
I am going to be the best soccer player in the world: Ronan

Thank you Coach Scott and Pass Soccer for a FANTASIC week!
          From Students in Grade One Room 3

Hi Tyrone,

Hope everything is good. Not sure if you remember me from a single season over 10 years ago with Crowfoot (U-13 with Scotty). I've been meaning to write to you for the last little while to say thanks for the important lessons I learned while I was on your team. The habits you instilled in me of the rewards of hard work and "practice makes perfect" have really made a difference in every aspect of my life. These lessons have definitely helped me follow my dreams so far in academia - I finished as the top student in engineering at the University of Waterloo as an undergrad, and I am currently doing my PhD at Harvard and MIT, aiming to be a top cancer researcher. I seriously consider that season with you as my coach as a major turning point in my life so just wanted to quickly write a note to say thanks. Hope to run into you sometime when I'm back in Calgary visiting! Thanks again.

          Sandeep, Former Student


We were very impressed by your coaching for the indoor Briar Hill U12 team.  We went to the city league in Edmonton and missed gold by one goal. a lovely goal from the blue line with a good strong kick. It went over the top of the opposition straight into the top of the goal, “that was because the Pass coach taught me how to plant my foot when I take a big kick”. It was the first goal of the tournament and set things up for the rest of the weekend.

The whole team played very well and actually moved the ball around quite a bit and showed good ball handling skills against teams that were physically bigger. Your coaching did pay off...

          Andrew, Coach